We are nifty studio

We love being creative. We love making memories. We love bringing people together. In fact, we love it all so much that we decided to bring it all together under one roof. Here at Nifty Studio, we provide a variety of services, because we know how difficult it can be to bring your ideas together. Whether it is stationery, photos and videos for your wedding, or a unique promotional animation along with a website for your new company, we do it all. Just take a look: 

Graphic Design

We like books with pictures, and colouring outside the lines.

UI & UX Design

You need a website and you know it. Why not have a sleek, interesting & stylish one?


Your brand is the face of your company. We'll make sure you brush your teeth.


A photo speaks a thousand words. And we take a lot of photos.


Photos that move? We do that too.


What? Animation as well? Yep, that too. Animation is fun. Why do you think kids (and us) like it so much?


Pens, brushes, pencils and drawing tablets - our tools of the trade.

Social Media

If you don't think social media is important for your business, we'll show you otherwise.


We build understandable websites that work. Yes, we like to keep busy!