Let's answer some of those GENERAL questions

Why do you offer such a wide range of creative services?

We come from a very diverse background, from fine art to programming, which means we have a wide range of expertise. Believe it or not one of our illustrators used to be a mechanical engineer! Our technical & creative skills are both on par and we want to keep growing our knowledge & experience in both, not neglecting a single department. This uniquely wide range of in-house expertise has proven beneficial time and again. The corporate world seems like a much easier place when you can build a working relationship with a single creative supplier. With weddings specifically we have learnt that it helps tremendously to work with the couple before the actual wedding date. If we, for example, help you with your wedding stationery or an engagement photoshoot, the ice will not have to be "broken" on the wedding day itself, which is already a pretty busy and stressful day. Trust us when we say, this approach works.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. To book your date in our calender (weddings), we require a 50% deposit. For us to start work on your project (corporate), we will also require a 50% deposit. With big projects we will send you a contract with the final quotation, which we will sign along with you. This contract will serve to protect you or us against any fraudulent actions. Not that we are suggesting you are by any means dodgy, we just like to come prepared.

Do you work internationally?

Yes we do. In fact, we love it! We can always have a skype meeting or two, but if you require our in-person services we'll include travel & accommodation into quotes if necessary. 

Time to solve some of your WEDDING queries

how can we book you & how far in advance should we book?

Step number one is to check our availability for your date. If we're good to go we'll send through a price list followed by a quote & contract. You can book us by accepting the quotation and paying the 50% deposit. Once you've sent through the proof of payment & signed contract the day is set in stone. Regarding how far in advance you should book, the further ahead the better. We cannot guarantee your wedding date will stay open for long, so if you would like to sleep easier at night, go ahead and book us.

How many people will shoot my wedding & how many photos will I receive?

THe amount of people shooting your wedding is dependent on which package you choose, but we will always have at least two members of the nifty team at your wedding, with back-up equipment to boot. As for the amount of photos you will receive, our packages do mention a minimum amount of photos. We however love our job, so don't be too surprised if we end up giving you more photos than stated in the packages - it's just an estimate. We like giving you all the best shots of the big day!

What is the turnaround time for our wedding stories?

We take between 4 to 8 weeks to finish the wedding story. It'll sometimes be more than 4 weeks, especially in the busy busy wedding seasons, but it'll never be more than 8. 

Is an engagement shoot really necessary?

We believe so yes. Some people tend to be more camera shy than others and an e-shoot allows you to not only get comfortable in front of the camera, but to also get comfortable with us, which will make the couple shoot on the wedding day go much smoother & quicker. It works, and we highly recommend it. Also, having the photos for memories & wedding stationery is great!

Can we have the raw files or masters?

Unfortunately we do not hand over the RAW or master files to our clients. We provide a professional service, and for us to maintain our hard-earned image & work standard, we need to keep a close eye on our edited productions. 

Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people..."
- Leo Burnett